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What is Emergency Hypnosis

Ease Trauma What is Emergency Hypnosis

Just imagine a devastating accident or a traumatic event like a deadly hurricane, or we can look at a past event like 9/11.  Picture this chilling scene:  First Responders rush in to ground zero to aid the many wounded and dying. People from every direction are moaning, crying, and screaming out in sheer agony. Firemen, Police Officers, and EMTs scatter about searching for the most horrifically injured first…

…In a far off corner, half-buried under wreakage and debris is a young woman crying and screaming hysterically. Her left leg seems to be crushed by the weight of a massive steel beam from one of the destroyed towers. Upon closer inspection, the hysterical woman is clutching her huge belly. She appears to be several months pregnant! The first responder is somehow able to get the young woman to stop screaming long enough to answer a question. Now all-of-a-sudden the screaming has gone from piercing shrills of agony and peril, to very focused dialog aimed at the first responder. The first responder builds a powerful and instant rapport with the woman. Then he takes her conscious mind’s focus away from the pain and redirects her focus to one day giving birth to a healthy and beautiful baby girl; he works with her physiology to greatly diminish the intensity of the pain; he delivers suggestions to her wide-open subconscious mind to increase her outlook on her and her baby’s survival and to speed-up the recovery process. By the time she is transported to an ambulance, she is calmly talking with the first responder and thanking him profusely for helping her through a most traumatizing ordeal.

That very skilled first responder was able to assist that immensely horrified and severely injured woman in substantially decreasing her pain, relaxing and also preventing her from going into shock or worse.

How did he do it?

What five techniques did he use?

This highly skilled individual used an ELITE and little known process called…


That’s right. He HYPNOTIZED her to diminish the pain, reduce bleeding, avoid shock, and accelerate healing! This was all possible because he knew how to SPEAK DIRECTLY to the part of the woman that regulates all bodily functions, controls behaviors, maintains beliefs and values, and can control pain…


Our ability to learn, change, create, imagine, improve, master, etc., are ALL the domain of the subconscious mind.

If you can learn to communicate directly with that powerful part of the mind, you can do amazing things…


When a person is already in pain, they are actually in a deep trance. For ALL EMOTIONAL STATES are in fact TRANCE STATES. And when a person is in trance, the subconscious mind is WIDE-OPEN to HYPNOTIC suggestion!

A trance is nothing more than a highly focused altered state of consciousness that varies from your normal relaxed mental and emotional state.

Learn how Emergency First Responders and, now, everyday people can learn emergency hypnotic skills that can save the lives of pedestrians or even loved ones.


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