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The Course

Ease Trauma The Course

Emergency Hypnosis Certification for First Responders and Citizens

Elite Skill Training for Elite Professionals… and, now, Elite Citizens

*This is an intense 3 hour certification course*


Learn the incredible skills of Emergency Hypnosis to help and possibly save victims of severe trauma!

This rare course will give you an enormous edge in your profession while providing you with the supreme confidence to use emergency skills very few possess!

In this elite life-altering training you will learn…

  • The basis and foundation of ALL hypnotic techniques
  • How to use Emergency Hypnosis to prevent trauma victims from going into shock
  • The most thorough explanation of the subconscious mind you have ever heard, and how to use it’s power
  • How to use Emergency Hypnosis to drastically reduce or eliminate excruciating pain in a trauma victim
  • How to reduce or stop the bleeding of an injury in an emergency setting
  • How to master the essential techniques of Emergency Hypnosis
  • How to access a trauma victim’s subconscious mind in order to help them
  • How to reflect your calm and relaxed neurological state onto the trauma victim so that they automatically manifest the same traits in his/ her own neurology.
  • How to alter, then deepen an already present trance state
  • How to use the power of words and what words to NEVER say to a trauma victim
  • How to react when someone is completely hysterical
  • How to master the key mechanisms of hypnosis to gain compliance from victims
  • How to gauge the multiple levels of hypnosis
  • How to work with the elements needed to successfully hypnotize your subject
  • How to use the different types of hypnotic suggestions effectively
  • How to determine which mode of delivery to use with your suggestions
  • How to use Hypnosis principles in your everyday life
  • How to rehearse before doing the “real thing”
  • How to use embedded commands and questions

Hypnosis is the most powerful tool that you will ever use professionally or in personal life.

Realize your own full potential as you teach trauma victims how to use the UNLIMITED power of their own subconscious minds…NOW!

Elite Skill Training for Elite Professionals & Civilians

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