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Once you take this amazing journey into Emergency Hypnosis, you will own a skill set only the top 1% can claim!

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Elite Skill Training for Elite Professionals

"Hypnosis is a means by which the mind's critical factor is intentionally bypassed in order to directly access and influence the subconscious mind." -William Johnson

Why Learn Emergency Hypnosis (For First Responders)

  • You will possess and incredibly invaluable skill very few in your profession will have
  • You can help people in traumatic situations in ways you've never imagined
  • You will own a skill that will hold value for the rest of your life
  • You will have an “unfair” competitive edge in the job market
  • You will be able to breathe new life into your old job
  • You will become more valuable to any team you work with

Why get E.H.C. from Ease Trauma

  • Our instructor is highly skilled in simplifying complex subject matter
  • Our instructor will not conclude his course until you have a deep understanding of, and are able to perform Emergency Hypnosis
  • Our instructor's passion for what he does is reflected in his teaching style
  • Our instructor truly views your success as his own
  • Our instructor's sincere goal is to help you change lives
  • Our instructor holds himself to the highest standard of learning and application

Who Can Benefit from E.H.C. (Emergency Hypnosis Certification)

  • EMTs
  • Paramedics
  • Fire Fighters
  • Police Officers
  • Nurses
  • Doctors (first on the scene)
  • Body Guards
  • Security Guards
  • Search Teams
  • ANY and ALL types of First Responders

The Emergency Hypnosis First Responder’s Creed

“As First Responders that have the tremendous responsibility and honor of serving those in great need, we must strive to be society's example of goodwill, calm, unquestionable skill, integrity, patience, wisdom, decisiveness, and strength. For we at times, become the caretakers of other's subconscious minds, and that alone requires the highest of moral standards”. -William Johnson

Your Instructor

William Johnson became fascinated with the study of the mind in the early 1990s. Through the study of many ancient schools of thought, he realized that at the center of man was mind, and if one could gain an in-depth understanding of the mind, all people, and ultimately, all things could be understood. For the next 20 years William studied and trained in NLP; Sales Psychology; Marketing Psychology; Body Language; Micro-expressions; meditation; breathe science; holistic health; performance enhancement, and last but not least...HYPNOSIS! William found that hypnosis was one of the missing keys needed to unlock the door to human understanding, development, mastery, and potential. In hypnosis, he has found his life's work and looks forward to contributing vastly to the field of hypnosis. Currently he is a Master Hypnotist and Emergency Hypnosis Trainer certified by The National Guild of Hypnotists. His overwhelming passion to teach this content at the highest level possible will stretch your mind and alter your perception of the subconscious and hypnosis forever.


I know that you are sick and tired of suffering.
I know that very few understand your pain.
I know that you are tired of going to conventional therapy and being made to relive your horror again and again by TALKING about it.
I know that you MUST have relief NOW, not later.
Click the button below to find out how to FINALLY get the relief you need.

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Elite Skill Training for Elite Professionals

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