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Sports Hypnosis and Mental Training

Ease Trauma Sports Hypnosis and Mental Training

Being A GOD athletically, mentally, and emotionally is a dedicated life-style that will test everything you are

This will be the toughest and most rewarding self-work you will ever do

So what does an expert in Hypnotic pain control know about peak performance in sports?

For one, most physical pain is either accompanied by mental or emotional pain. Think of the injured athlete whose career, money, and legacy are at stake: He is experiencing pain on all three levels. And for most people, including top athletes and executives, the most pain we will ever experience comes with CHANGE. The death of a loved-one, the loss of a relationship, cherished job or health are some of the most PAINFUL types of CHANGE we all MUST face.

This is why all athletes are not super athletes: Pushing yourself past your current “best” to become a GOD in your sport demands a level of CHANGE that is too painful for MOST to endure. The average pro athlete cannot crack the ceiling of limitation that is primarily, erroneously SELF-IMPOSED!

Whenever you think you have reached your maximum limit…
…you are actually at ONLY 40% of your total capacity!

I don’t want to help you become a ‘better’ athlete!



Every Peak Performance and Mental Toughness Coach uses the same salesy lines to get clients:

I am the only one doing this…
I have been doing this for…
I’ve spent tens-of-thousands of dollars and countless hours to crack the code on…
No other mental coach gets results like…

We All Must Market, but let’s just be more upfront!

No matter what everyone says, every effective mental coach is going to use the exact same methods! The difference is that they will add some, delete others, and just switch the order of the steps.

Why? Because ALL Human Brains are designed the same way!  Period.

Therefore, ANY great mental coach will assist you in achieving the following:

  • Analyzing your current condition and situation
  • Setting the proper goals and targets
  • Amplifying the positive voice in your head
  • Delivering the precise hypnotic suggestions you need to program your subconscious
  • Realizing how to use your imagination as your current reality
  • Rehearsing future events visually to control future outcomes
  • Mastering all emotions on and off the field/ court
  • Teaching you instant self-hypnosis
  • Teaching you breath control
  • Having you accept not only full accountability for change, but for EVERY aspect of your life that you helped create
  • Raising your standards as a human being and your belief in what’s possible
  • Pushing you past your self-imposed physical and mental limitations

That’s it folks!

If they tell you they have some secret sauce that no one else has, they’re being dishonest. They’re just repackaging the same methods everyone is using.

The only thing anyone should ever sell you on is pure skill to get the job done. Period.

If this resonates with you, schedule a free consultation and hypnosis session now; and let’s go become GODS!

Ye are GODS!
Psalms 82:6

Become a GOD NOW

You need me as your mental trainer if…

  • You are not the most successful player on your team or in your field of sport
  • You want to un-retire
  • You are not greatly exceeding your personal expectations
  • You are struggling in ANY aspect of your game
  • You are in danger of being cut from a team
  • You have performance anxiety or are inconsistent in performance
  • You have mental limitations on your confidence, ability, etc.
  • You have been unsuccessful in transitioning from college or semi-pro to pro
  • You are great but want to become greater


For Pro Athletes a minimum three (3) month commitment is required.
Contact me for a fee schedule and FREE consultation now!

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